Pest Control In Delhi

Pest Control In Delhi

Pest Control In Delhi

Pests are great threat for life and economy. Every year tons of grains and other items get destroyed by the pest and hence, their control is very necessary. We are a pest control management firm and provide effective and economic pest control services. The main aim of our organization is to provide best and efficient pest control services in order to minimize the total economy loss done by the harmful pests.

Pest control services fall under two categories. First is the conventional spray in which insecticidal is sprayed in the premises to control the pest development. The insecticide is sprayed in every corner, crack, nooks and other vulnerable places where cockroaches and other insects can be found. The spraying technique is effective but you need to follow some safety instruction while spraying is going on. You must remove all the utensils, eatables, other articles from the premises to kitchen to avoid accidental fall of insecticide on them. You should also keep the premises closed for approx 2 to 3 hours after spraying for better results. You should not wash the floor for at least 24 hours.

Then second method is the mechanical methods using cockroach bait. This method is highly effective as it is odor and chemical free. It is considered very safe. This odorless method is very safe for children as well as old aged person. You need not to close the premises for the services.

Our organization also provides training regarding the safety tips followed during spraying and use of bait for pest control.

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