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Termite Control Services

Termite Control Services

Termite Control Services

Best Termite Treatment Services in Delhi
Termites are tiny organisms that can destroy furniture and can even invade the walls and foundation of your building. So if you find that there are termites in your home or office then you must hire the best termite treatment services in delhi. Some companies offer termite treatment which is to eliminate the termites in your home or office or building as well as anti-termite treatment which is prevent the termites from attacking your structure.

Termites are not ants but are the small organisms that can cause serious problems for you. There are three verities of termites such as dry wood, damp wood and subterranean termites and the most dangerous ones are the subterranean termites that cause major structural and timber damage to domestic and commercial buildings.

Termites live in colonies that are made underground and from there they get into the buildings through tiny cracks and crevices. Actually their entry is very hard to restrict as the gap of just 0.5 mm is enough for them to gain entry into the premises. They work quickly and silently after entering the premises they destroy paper, important documents and wood work and other valuable articles contain cellulose as their main food is cellulose.

The treatment of termites is very essential as they are harmful for building structure but you need to take care of some essential requirements. You have to be there at the sight of termite treatment as our staff is not authorized to handle your articles. For the drilling treatment, you have to shift the furniture to keep them away from the wall. You have to take care of the electricity and water supply during the treatment. You have to give the necessary details of the telephone cables and waterlines to our representatives to avoid any chances of damage during drilling. As drilling cause loud noise, you should take the infants and old aged person away from the premises. After drilling, insecticides are poured into the hole to destroy the termites.

Our company also takes care of your premises after the services are over (within the contract period). So you can trust on us for reliable and economic services.

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