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Rodents Control Services

Rodents Control Services

Rodents Control Services

Rodent pest control services in Delhi, Gurgaon
The pesky rodents like rats can make your life hell and so it is important to choose a pest control or Rodent Control services (vendor) in Delhi, Gurgaon who can make use of the best methods to eliminate the rodents at the earliest.

Rodents are highly intelligent mammals and depend directly or indirectly on the humans for food and shelter. They have been affecting the life of humans for hundreds of years with their destructive habits. They cause more damage to us by contaminating the water, food and other items with their urine, hair, feces etc. and hence, are the major causative agents of various diseases. You have to deal with them as soon as possible as they also reduce the value of products.

They are the most destructive organisms and can be found in large numbers where the grains and other eatables are stored. Rodents can destroy valuable articles, clothes, electrical wires, lead pipes, etc. as they have compulsive gnawing habit. Rodents can also weaken the foundation of a building by digging deep burrows. Hence, their control is very necessary.

There are various modes of treatment followed to control or eradicate the rodents from premises. Our organization is the trusted one for providing rodent control services in residential and commercial premises.

We also use proofing technique to control their population inside your premises. Under this category, various entry points are noted by inspecting the premises. The inspection is done by our technical executive and report is prepared and according to that report proper proofing is done to block their entry in the premises. Mechanical methods like trapping of rodents are also quite popular in households that owners can also do on their own. We can provide you chemical treatment methods too to control the rodent's population. The chemicals are applied at their entry points to keep the rodent population under Economic Threshold Level.

Rodent Bait Stations are also famous for controlling the rodent population. Use of bait stations is considered safe and secure as they are chemical free.

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